Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some people know these things:

1. not everyone who reads here is a honky.  Bro, sorry, you included now. welcome.
2. a tea drinker having a mocha capuccino at four pm might not sleep until one or two am. that would be AM.
3. intense people scare me, I don't know how to talk with them and I frequently move away in a rather rude fashion because I am nervous and scared.
4. I am not going to look like Sarah Jessica, but I do know her sister, and I will be wearing a black dress and there is little anyone can do to stop me.
5. Teachers who tell you your kid is not progressing as fast as they expected are not challenging your worth as a mother, but it sure as hell feels like it and gives you lots to think about as you are awake until the AMs.
6. Crying wives makes husbands want to have sex.
7. Donkeys make husbands want to have sex. and leaves, and bread, and water.
8. I'm going to be away from a computer all weekend and my sister Anne will be posting in my stead. give her love, because she is my sister and has to deal with a lot because of it.
9. Sunlight through the leaves is rather spectacular, and the world should regularly say 'dappled' out loud.
10.  Laughing is way better than crying, but they both bring about surprising changes, when you are able to notice.


Jen said...

I did not know all of these things, some definitely. I hope you have a wonderful grown-up, gussied up weekend. Enjoy every minute of it!

amyontheroad said...

have a great time! looking forward to reading your big sis...

Nancy said...

Loved this one. Laughed out loud at this one. Wear your unSarah like black dress and hide some very Sarah fancy pants's what I do...when I'm not wearing Spanx that is.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kate Hall said...

I am going to rock the city, in a middleaged-with-good-legs sort of way... yah! heh. it's going to be wonderful, if i can just get through prepping both sets of grandparents, the house and the kids... whoosh. sleep would also be good, and soon.