Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today is the day, and tomorrow will be fantastic.

Today my six year old got his first trophy, complete with a stage walk. I sat in the auditorium of the High School and my husband commented that we'd be watching him cross in a graduation gown not too long off.
Yesterday he had his first loose tooth.  We are all excited and in tears, all the time. Or, really, thats just me.
Holy smokes.
Today is the day my best male friend got himself hitched to the best possible woman, or rather, the day I saw the photographic evidence...
Today is the party for the Woman Turning 70. the slowcooker portion is abubbling, and the vegetables are prepping, and the entire meal will be the most folks we've had in our home since or warming party.  Another chance to warm. 
Today is the day a purple sofa will arrive in my living room, after having traveled in my 79 year old father in law's truck for a few miles.  purple baby. maybe it'll even arrive before a guest does. probably not.

tomorrow I will get to sit in it, and look at it, and clean it of debris.
tomorrow we will breakfast in the sun, and nod to the woman who is 70, for she is sleeping over. Perhaps a woman doesn't outgrow slumberparties after all.
tomorrow will be fantastic.