Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Made myself toast just now. So very buttery and crunchycrusty good.  This and some instant coffee are sort of conspiring to make me feel conflicted about the day.  instant coffee really is a sad thing, so much engineering, planning, design, growth, roast, all to produce a slim package of mediocrity, even when its starbuckian.  oh so.
Yesterday I sliced apart my finger with the same bread knife and it was one of those hurts which make you sit down and worry for the future. It was just a fingertip snip and it really wasn't nearly as bad as many many things are... but it surely did make me sit down and there was an awful lot of blood. I may have lost a fingernail but apart from changing the bandaid this morning, I am unwilling to investigate at all.  Maybe I'll have one of those monthlong black fingernail issues. ?

But now, toast.  And the boys are both home all day as it is a day for teachers to have training, or somesuch.  I feel for the teachers... why not just give them a day to work in their classrooms, get caught up, develop ways to fit creativity back into their overscheduled days? but no, someone has decided that 'training' is what they need. hoo. again with the mediocrity.

And again, toast. The boys will watch pbs til their eyes bugg out.
I'm going to go pour out my sad coffee and make some hot tea.  Maybe some more toast. with more knife-usage and less the injury. hot tea. a walk in the leaves... a trip to the hardware store.  frenchfries. 

ah, toast. it is good when you win.