Friday, November 11, 2011

Freeflow of I dont know what to write, see how 'flowy' that was? ...

Right now the very first playdate of our new town is happening nearby.  C told me this was his best friend.  Oooh....what a genious motha.  and what I had forgotten in all of our many months without playdates is how little I have to do with an extra kid in the house... I have done laundry, shouted 'careful' a few times, made two stupid phonecalls to change addresses and stop catalog people from sending us three copies of their cracktoy catalogs... its been like a dream, almost like I am alone in the house, with time stretching out endlessly before me...

My sister's kitty is dying, my own two are flush with life and following me about the house when they are not cowering in fear from the running children playing some sort of game that I can't quite follow.  It is okay, I'm sorry for my sister, she's had the cat a long time. . . its amazing how big these things can be sometimes. 
This weekend is a large family party for my mother-in-law, her 70th birthday. all the family within reasonable distance are coming. Its a bit like thanksgiving, really, a practice shot at figuring out if we've got enough plates and how to feed the kids respectfully but semi-separately... and I am very excited to have the house smell of roasting meats and vegetables. I'm making a chickendish in the slowcooker that will feed the non-pork eating portions of our family and my hopes are high but wavery that it'll be a hit.  I think I have some lingering doubts about slowcookers and it is probably a very deepseated issue that I'll have to visit with ChakraC-- just to survive. really.

no, not really. 
I'm freaked out that my mother-in-law is 70, frankly.  I don't like it at all. She has been in my life since I was 15, as an example of a smart, educated, whip and I am not sure how I feel about 70. 
We've got two families sleeping over and I've already made the beds. I am sure that there is something that I really should get on top of right this very second while the hideandseek marathon continues.  Boy, I hope I never allow them to switch over to videogames. Boys are nothing if not occasionally resourceful. Maybe I can raise them to have more inner resources than I .   Toast again today for me, rising to the occasion.
     I HAVE been working on changing my prayers but I have been overwhelmed with brainchatter, even during Meeting and so I've been disappointed with myself. I've dropped off the charts in terms of my yoga plans, my meditation plans and forgettabout veggie meals.  I DO see the connection, but I am trying to go lightly on myself because I am just doing the best I can for the moment.  I'm going, right now, to make a list of what I have done this week:
bought hardware to fix c's bureau.  returned hardware.
went looking at 2 furniture stores with the three year old. survived. bought nothing. (need a sofa.)
laundry, folded, put away.
got camera pictures into the computer, posted every day.
read a book. ! a whole damn book. started another one.
made a pot roast for our German visitor who likes to drink broth for breakfast. he did, i made it.
finished, signed hundreds of forms for schools.
found my journal. didn't open it, just found it.
dropped four bags of canned goods at the school.
dropped four bags of stuff at savers. (salvationarmy type place)
cleaned the bathroom. vacuumed umpteen times.
got references for a babysitter. a real live girl to come and watch the boys while i go out somewhere, with anyone, maybe even hubsJ .  I'm afraid to call the references, by the way, because of the shy/hearing problem with phones.

and thats it . still glad you're reading? meh.


amyontheroad said...

i'm glad, but late! I wish i'd known 'the lady' by more than her reputation. good luck with the party/houseguests/purple sofa!