Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boomboxes are Vintage...

or, What Color is Your Tea?

SO, heads up. this is an early Valentine's Day issue-fest. early. just like we like it... so we have lots of warning time before the big big day. I'm a whole six days early in case you wondered.  the titles, you ask?
I'm giving myself a whole littled week before I express my disappointment that my husband didn't John Cusack himself up in the driveway and serenade my persnickety windowstuck ass.  No, he didn't, hasn't, won't.  There are also the two dead bunches of carnations somewhere in vases around the house testifying to the dead-love we have growing here. And these are not fighting words here, just appropriate to the flowers and the reality that while once pretty in their grotesquely-overdyed slightly-neon-scary fashion, they are now the walking dead, and such is the love i have for Valentine's.  get that?

i know that many of my single ladies have a hard time with this coming holiday and part of the reason for writing is the acknowledgement that it sucks for just about everyone, even the 'coupled'.. except for maybe the newly-engaged, and for them, mostly for the relief of not really having to 'do-it' (gift giving whahoo-not 'it'.. perv) .
there was a superbowl commercial with an incredibly beautiful woman suggesting that if you give her flowers that you order from an 800 number that she'll put out.  i just want to tell the world, uh,... no she won't. its a lie. the whole thing.  lets pretend just for a second that  a young woman, looking like that  has a man who matches her beauty or youth or 'wealth'... Do you think for a second that if he has flowers delivered to her office/coffee shop/dress boutique   ... it'll flip the coin in her head and she'll run out and ...

oh brother, i can't even complete my thoughts on this one, its just too stupid.  and has nothing to do with love. and i don't know what love is, really. .... I don't think it has capital letters, for one thing.  I think it has small ones, all the little details in the curvatures and the angles.  i have suspicions that it is much more quiet than a superbowl ad could handle... and it may have to do with familiarity and choosing to notice the color of someone's tea. how do you take it?
and so . . . familiarity.  really?  I guess its not so cute and there's no symbol for it to use in the marketing campaign ... so its probably not going to catch on.  But I know how Hubs takes his tea.  I know which cereal is the true favorite of the 4.  I know how to read the flushed cheek of the 6.  
i do.
and as scary as all this vulnerability in love is, i'd probably do it all again this way... especially if i could read the script ahead. especially. you know, no leaping off the boat without a lifejacket and such...


MotherOfGooses said...

you are right. love is definitely spelled with small letters. and it sure doesn't sell beer when it is spelled that way. I guess when they fling around capital L love to sell stuff, it helps us feel like we are missing something, no matter how much lowercase loving is going on.