Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm tired of myself, man.

Boy, I have some whamdingggy loops that I like to cycle through... loop, loop, loop.  I'm so very tired of most of the people who live in my house.  yes I am, and I typed it out loud, I did. 
I'm tired of kids waiting barefoot for the bus.  YES, it did.  and hello, FEBRUARY 1st, NEW ENGLAND... not Mali, or an island I can't pronounce, but here, New England, home of the wooden houses. and the weirdly wrong temperatures today...but still FEBRUARY.
I'm tired of laundry, sort of. I mean, I still like how it smells. BUT I am kvetching about the plain old amount of it and the no thanking that I get for providing EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the home with clean underwear.  yes, i do. and they need it. yes, they do.
I'm tired of washing pee sheets.  When I was a camp counselor and had to do the loads of pee-soaked little girl laundry, I remember feeling so happy when the summer finally ended... no more, no more... what a silly young thing i was.

Man, I wish I could tell you I was bigger on the inside, and so, able to see all this crud as an act of love.  I wish my bigger-on-the-inside self wasn't just on a fullout lie-down-and-cradle-my-head on this one...
I don't want my wishes to be horses.
I'm going to spend the morning looking into retreats for me to go on this summer.
I'm going to read some of my book.
I'm going to make some tea with honey from my new honeypot.
I'm going to fold more laundry. Much of it is MINE today. MUCH.
I'm going to smell my laundry, maybe even put my face into a pile of socks and underwear that I have cleaned, that are not MINE.

I'm getting off the computer.


MotherOfGooses said...

I love this, especially the list of things you plan to do for yourself...think big (retreat) ...then a wee bit smaller (reading part of a book you want read)...than returning to the part of you (tiny as it might be) that gets pleasure from doing someone else's pee'sthat returning that i keep having to be satisfied with at the moment, while not forgetting about the bigger list!