Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm all over this vacation.  We've done crayon art, we've ordered takeout, we've seen friends, we've played go-fish, we had a sleepover with kids at their grandparents and all were well-behaved and grownups got cashmere at Salvation Army! and we will even fit in some more before it all ends.  The boys have played well, inside and outside and watched a lot of television in betweens... but it is good.  The weather here has turned to spring... and while its a sick joke on us all, because we will probably be smacked by a blizzard next week... the seed has been sown.  I have made plans to garden... we have pruned hacked mercilessly at the bittersweet in hopes of reclaiming the stonewall, which the boys have both, already, been maimed by,  as in, actively maimed by the wall falling.  rah rah for the active maiming. 
I cooked one dinner all week, a rocking lasagna with tons of veg so as to combat the crud they've been cruising through/ordering the rest of the days.... although I assume my mom made them something quasi-healthy... and over there? they ALWAYS have dessert...
plus, frankly, i think ordering out all week has been the one item which makes this a real 'vacation' for me... the amount of dishwashing has been decimated and THAT is a wonderful thing, almost equalling the takeback of the junky eating.
I've been organizing my fabrics, there's a new baby coming in my family (not in my belly, thank you) and I need to jump on that project.  The whole quitting facebook thing has been pretty nice so far, I've spent a lot less time on the laptop, hence all the frenetic organizing, child-rearing-playing-crafting... it has been fabulous! and its only THURSDAY!!

whoop! whoop! dats the sound of da police!!!  - old school, seriously. its my fight song...