Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rip it.

My kids have been playing blessedly well together this morning, my husband and I are unifying beautifully over a subject or two and I am living a spottily wonderful life.  Rip it, baby.
I'm getting geared up to give up the facebook for Lent again, going off into the darkness to find my light.  It'll be more challenging this year as I readily use the fb to make appointments with friends or let the Meeting schoolmistress know if our boys will be arriving or not.  (only slightly more challenging, really, and if someone sent me a message it'll still go through to my email... sheesh. connectivity!)  I'm looking forward to having more time to myself because of this, although i may just trade up to spending time looking at pretties on pinterest.  I did get a book of Scripture to use as a guide this month, and our 'wreath of wretchedness' will be placed on the table.  Its definitely a joke I just made there but its a wooden spiral/wreath-like-thing with a cross-carrying Jesus taking the walk to Good Friday.  Its probably quite sacrilegious the joke i just made, but oye? i mean no harm. sounds terrible but is lovely.

before I hop myself off into the shade at the edge of the woods, there are things you should know: a meme, if you will... me, me.
1. I am a compulsive defender.  Meaning: ANYONE,, yes, you.  I can find reasons and supports for their actions, their depressions, their hurtful things, their anythings... it annoys the hell out of my husband, and others before him... because, like i said, it is compulsive, I can't stop myself, and sometimes that, in and of itself, can be hurtful... some people really do make mistakes, bad choices, terrible ones.
2. I am sometimes proud of being the compulsive defender.  I like the good opinion I have of almost everyone.  I assume the best... and that there is a world of misunderstandings, and that if people just slowed down and had charity, all would be at peace.
3. I like clarity, think that it does exist... alongside its famous brothers, opaqueness and vaguery.
4. I am extremely lucky in my life, to have had such a solidly good experience thus far.
5. I believe in angels and Jesus and God, and sometimes it all rolls up into great golly Goodness.
6. I will always love onions, even when they make me cry.  (as you may know)
7. I'm extremely thrilled by the kids that I have.
8. Its vacation week here and I've got playdates all lined up and I'm just really looking forward to meeting more of my kids' friends on an intimate playing field... i love having the beasties here.
9. 9 is the best number, after 4....
10. I'm making all sorts of fabric-y things with my grandmother's fabrics and everytime I iron it, I can smell her house and sometimes it rockets me to sadness but most of the time it rockets me to memory, which is completely awesome.

love love, running into the dark to get to the light...
working on it,


Kate Hall said...

um, and also... i can be sort of repetitive, or at least, its a repetition based on forgetfulness, so forgive if i've written this whole thing before. forgive, i demand...

MotherOfGooses said...

I really like that..."going off into the darkness to find my light".

I also like the image of ironing your grandmother's fabrics...rocketing you to sadness and memory. Just walked down the street where my grandmother's old house is...yep, tears in my eyes but also memories of place that cannot be matched.

Jen said...

Good on you. I have never been good with the whole Lent iness. But i would love a picture of your wretched (?) sounds fabulous!
Congratulations of your are quite faboo.
Let the Lent begin!