Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Elect an ACTUAL representative.

1. Find out where they live.  If they have more than one house.... do they represent you? If they do, send me some money, or a gift card, if you like.  If they live in a 'gated community', how big is the community that they represent? and how big is the community that they are 'slightly uncomfortable' with? IF they winter somewhere else... are you kidding me? How can they represent a place they can't stand?
2. Find out how many times they have been married, or if they have kids...  or, if they even can get married, (state to state), or if THEY have kids... find this out just for kicks.
3. Find out if they have ever had a job. I mean, a real job, which is hard and demanding and doesn't pay alot ... or if they have been in school their entire lives... and if any of it was public or publicly funded...
4. Find out how much money they made last year, and what percentage of that they paid in taxes.  Compare to yourself.   ... if the difference in percentages is a large one...if the difference in salaries is more than you can stomach...  ask what changes they might make in legislation to improve the lives of 'yous' , whether it be by improving your wage earning ability or by paying more in taxes so that you can access the same opportunities that they have had.  All men are created equal and all that...
5. Find out why the hell they are running for a public office. why? WHY do they want this job? Who do they think they will be working for?

Maybe when we know whom we are electing, instead of just listening to the soundbites of the news, we can be more certain that they will respond to the American people, and hopefully we won't end up a nation of people whose government is bought and sold by the so-called elected 'representatives' in the U.S Congress and the corporations that donate to them.   Be they Democrat or Republican, they have sold out to the highest bidders and left all of us in the lurch. . . so lets get new ones.  Its the American way.

-anything i missed?


Anonymous said...

dude, I hear you.