Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scrambled egg pan, I have strong feelings for you.

Most of what we use here is cast iron. For slapping upside the heads, of course, but also for cooking... and my favorite husband-made dish is scrambled eggs, primarily for the luxury of the someone-else-made-breakfast sensation, as he does like the way I make them better than his own.  But the pan, my friends, the pan can sit in the sink or on the stove for almost an entire week...uncleaned, eggy in a very masterly way. The pan has got my knickers in a twist.  The damn thing will not clean. It has been a long battle, for as long as my husband has been my husband with his damn paranoia about teflon.  um, well-rooted in weird fact, but still.  When I had my dog, I tried to let her clean out the egg before washing it in the hopes that she would get it down to its roots, but no, not even the hysterical will of a beagle to eat all things could get the pan cleaned down to its deepblack origins.  and it was sort of gross... but mind you, it sits on the counter unclean for a week so I am clearly not the arbiter of cleanliness...
Last night we had scrambled egg, bean and cheese burrito type concoctions and they were yummy and closetcleaning...and I woke up this morning by myself at 7:15 and was the only soul awake. late! alone! hallelujah ...let the choir sing madonna....  it was amazing, and today is supposed to be brilliantly sunny and 80 degrees, and I NEEDED my kitchen to be clean, so I could go outside all day and NOT have to come into clutter for any reason and so I washed the goddamn thing less than 16  hours after using it.  Just wanted to share.  If my whole family dies of salmonella one day or whatever it is that comes from old egg bits.... I want you to tell the world about responsibility but also about my clean pan... if only for one day... it was clean.

and dudes,dudettes and all the inbetweens?  we had eggs two days in a row and now the 'strong feeling' is morphing into a wild fanatical scraping of the iron with a spoon. i'm just saying that now, now i will miss part of the sunny day because of this pan, and it may be the only sunny hour for seven years.  damn. out out damn spot. out.