Tuesday, January 5, 2010

flattered and nervous

hey. get this... Chakra Carol wants to talk to me, ME. like, in an investigative, discussion sort of way, about the whole Byron Katie shebang of selfhelp and actualization... me.
Okay, so the whole 'byron Katie shebang' is one for which I am full of arguements and man, the power of my intellect to avoid the work of self-truth and all that is ... pretty damn impressive... so.
go look her up if you'd like.
chakra carol wants to talk to ME. (and my friend D, with whom she has a much longer, more personal relationship) but damn, I am flattered and completely nervous like some wierd big test is coming down the path and I know I should just stick with flattered but what the hell, I am not any zen master mojo swinger... as if you didn't know that...
and IF you didn't know that,
I had pink glasses from the time i was four until i was like 14. and they were not cool. and then, my favorite pants were kelly green cords, with grey zips as sneakers. and i think there was a kangaroo involved. Right, and I had a bowlcut of blond pinstraight hair. When I lost the glasses at 14, I also got a poodleperm and went to New Kids on the Block... I have always been a slight worrier, but now am amping up greatly, to those things which I have absolutely no control over. Anyone else worried about how badly Barack is being treated by the press and the minions ? hm. wonder if his feelings have been hurt. Wonder if he's going to age too quickly. . . also, this week, for the first time, I turned down a meal out because there was snow on the ground and falling... WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NEW ENGLANDER DOES THAT?! so
no zen master mojo swinger, here- just the awkward dork master of all time(although my one saving grace is that i never became an addict of dungeons and dragons) and there it is.


amyontheroad said...

man. i always thought you were so cool. what does that say about me?

Amanda said...

I didn't have blond pin straight hair prior to my poodle perm, but I definitely had those pants AND sneakers.