Tuesday, January 12, 2010


woke up this morning with the headache to end the world. had the babysitter coming and was up early with the baby three hours early, early on the early train, in the early morning sun, in the EARLY. with the headache and the soon-up four year old we were all just peachy. and then big C begins his weekly panic/whine about how he hates said babysitter and 'she is NOT coming'... over and over and over again. I want to honor my kid, I do. But I cannot handle this . So, she arrives, I am still cringing in corners from the light, but she arrives and all hell comes roiling in with her, the C. starts yelling how he doesn't like her, being a monumental brat and full of bull over and over. I mean, a g'damned primadonna and I grabbed what I could and beat it out the door, limping and moaning along like a crazybaglady. again with baglady crazy motif? yes.
By the time I got back, four hours later, the kids were all fine and happy but C had pooped in his pants. POOOOOOP in his pants!? It has been several years since that has happened. Forget this. I sacked the babysitter in a very friendly way and am moving on. I don't know what it is, why the kid is so uncomfortable but it is over. but here I am . back to 24/7/365. no four hours off a week for me.
AND i still have the fucking headache.


Viv said...

My kids are like that with all sitters, and my husband, and anyone who isn't me. *sigh*

Amanda said...

ahhhh, keep pplugging away until you find the perfect sitter. Once you find her, it's like finding hte holy grail. my kids BEG for melissa to come. god bless her.

and there probably IS something wrong with her if your son hates her so much. I had a sitter once who read through my entire blog instead of playing with the kids, and they hated her.

Jen said...

Okay, in my experience, kids are like dogs. They can sniff out "weirdness" in all sorts of people. If we only would let them rather than trying to make them all polite and respectful. Clearly that babysitter didn't "smell" right. And if my dog wore pants, he would poop in them too. You will find another babysitter, promise

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Doesn't it suck to go out and have some time to yourself only to return to THAT?