Saturday, January 23, 2010

officially...i got nothing.

nothing. just thought it'd get somebody to read this, comment, and give me something to do with myself. honestly, i'm bored out of my crackin' mind. i'm also depressed about our whole country, the supreme court idiocy and the whole system of checks and balances which i think, in theory, is fantastic, but in reality is playing a crap hand right now. and i know, that because i love my president (didn't we all used to say that?) its easier to believe he should just be given free reign... rein... i mean, can i even imagine if any of his past two predeccesors had been given that?! holy shit. and i did it, i said TWO. probably should have said THREE. or FOUR...
my friend pam is my dearest closest. i rely on her very heavily in times of stress. but i hate to do that to her so sometimes when things are really crappy, i don't call her. i think she can tell and she is someone who says things like, ' i think maybe you should think less about the future...'
and then cackles .
boy, i love her.
i spent two whole naptime hours yesterday trying to patch my pants. now, fine. i am practicing doing this sort of thing but let me tell you... they make my ass look good. and its too early to make them into shorts and i am just too ridiculously old to wear jeans with torn up knees. but patches? I am JUST old enough to make it look like the beginning of peculiar stylechoice and not wierdo. i think. but anyhow, two hours. two different experiments with patch. one that looks good and one, not so much. but you still should see my ass. looks great. worth the work and the questionable kneepatching... yep. ask around. they'll tell you.
so the world is falling apart, preachers are saying out loud that haitians are cursed by god... and i just want you to know that my ass, my ass looks fucking great.


Sarah said...

I'm feeling very: "are you kidding me?!?!?" about supreme court stuff, about pastors announcing Haiti has a pact with satan... yeah, about everything. I'm feeling your future oriented stress.