Friday, January 22, 2010

me and my sugar high

it has happened again. a love affair of the red sort. although i have successfully (lying now) eschewed the juju fish, i have discovered the ninetynine cent bliss of the fruitslice which has no relationship to fruit and probably not even to slice. i want you to go find 'sugar high' from empire records on youtube and watch it. i don't know how to make you do it. I can't MAKE you do it, but you have to. you HAVE To....

I don't know what it is, I'm drinking tons of coffee and back on the smack. I still am off the cigarettes which is rather amazing but last night was my first real bout with desire, so I'm mostly untested in my committment.

I am having headaches more frequently lately and I think thats part of my need for speed. My glasses, which are so cool you could just drool, were given to me by a lovely optician friend nearly four years ago. . . we finally had the money and i got to use them and my kids kicked them askew almost immediately and now i'm getting some rather hellacious visiting headaches. I am going to flatout NOT blame the kids but blame my own damn self for thinking i could wear something so damn cool. do they make frames out of wood? We live in a rather aggressively boyish household and I need something that will stand up to the flying feet of my kungfu masters. Maybe sports goggles?

Yeah, my vanity be damned. I need to see and I need to not have a headache and it would help if my kids would just be quiet without being dead. I've stopped with the parentheses because its just too much work and I'm not sure things don't sound utterly insane without them. maybe more dashes? -- yes?

ark. more ibuprofen. now.


Viv said...

Those are some excellent lyrics! Now however, I am hungry.

Nancy said...

maybe I need parentheses around me so I won't sound so utterly insane all the time....well, if that doesn't work, I'll just get sports goggles like you!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love your glasses but I think you would look just as good in swim goggles.

Jen said...

Eating Saltines to combat the nausea from the Oxycodone and listening to Sugar High. LOVE IT! What about Ski googles? They have lots of coverage and come in groovy colors.

I have 800 mg Ibuprofen if you need one.