Monday, January 18, 2010

me and them

so now the hearing story is out there, in its most cut and dry form... a relief as I can't really think of anything more prone to make me experience fear and dread than that particular column in my lifefile.

so here's another column. me and the hubby's family.

they: sososo drama oriented, full of passion for so many things, full of argument and debate and intellectual curiosity and self-motivation, sososo dramaoriented. some of it comes from the irish geneology that they all carry, but i put the weight of most of it on the fact that the Motha of them all is a new yorker.
new yorka.
yep. motha of them all.

and i love her dearly and anything you have heard about new yorkers is true. and its wrong, too.

its just not enough, ever.

they may be the best people of us all.

HOWEVER. that is not what this is all about. its all about the drama. darling hubby(the king of all drama, really.) likes to process things out loud. so, sometimes he will say things that are clearly (to me) deranged and wildly provocative. and I, because I am serious in most things, listen and take him seriously and react with a fervor that is unmatched to that which I am approached with.

like this:

hub: I don't know why I am even applying for this grant*... I'm not going to get it, we are going to move to Bridgton (Maine). It will take care of everything.

me: What? !

hub: We both love Bridgton. (true) and it'll take care of everything and it'll just be for four or five years.

me: Why are you being so negative about the grant?(desparate avoidance) Why would we just move for four or five years?(don't make us move often!!) The money we owe enabled us to live while we got you through school...(its okay, no government plot to keep us down...) why are you being so negative about the grant? (oh my god, we're going to move.) You want to move our family to Maine. when?

then he gets ticked off slightly that I am reacting the way i am. he is just processing after all.
i like to call it.. taking me up to the top of the mountain and throwing me off.

and it happens multiple times a day. I'm up.... wow, look at the views... boy its windy up here....geez, a bald eagle.... wow.

oh god, i'm falling....ow, ouch.owh oh. ow.

in truth, i'm the gibbering idiot, because I react too seriously, every time... why do i let him lead me up the mountain path? gibbering idiot, at your service. every household needs one..evidently.

*grant will pay off 80K of student loan debt. very wonderful potential for our life. might enable us to move... say your prayers...can you imagine? 1. that such things are available? 2. that amount will not even pay off all our debt?! 3. that you just fill in an application and someone gets that money? 4. can you imagine again?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

That grant sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

By the way, I do not think you are a gibbering idiot. :-) And, when you have a moment, I have a story for you about the woman you don't appreciate.