Wednesday, January 20, 2010


about half the people who read this thing know exactly who i am, where i live, who i live with and probably, what my last haircut looked like... the other half can make good guesses.. so what is with my belief that i am still maintaining some anonymity? its very strange and at first, i thought that i would not put photos of my kids faces up because some wacko would fall in love with them and of course, that is no good. but then, i've done it. i've put their faces on. this wacko loves them. so then, not their names? but, of course, i probably have said their names somewhere back in time... so what the hell? in the wierdo wackjob world of the internet, i am completely exposed and have managed to wildly showcase my wily nutjob children in type.
i suppose i should be more worried about my own exposure as nutjob. but, aren't moms all selfless and shit?... haeh. so -

what now? how to top the badmom job? hm. well. that bears some thought.

so, clearly, it will have to be left to linger in the virtual... evidently, i don't have the time...

i'm certain there is something that needs to be done.


Viv said...

Well, you could have taken a page from my father's book and set up a public Google profile for your child, as he did mine. Nothing like the internet at large being able to see his picture, know his age, his grade, and the name of his school. Actually, I don't recommend this.