Saturday, February 20, 2010


there is something really nice about hollywood movies, something romantic and dreamy. The pictures wherein a cozy nook has been created, walls and walls of books, a gigantic bed with all sorts of quilts/comforters... a clawfoot tub with a glass of wine nearby... rugs over everything, hardwood peeping through, great shawls to wrap around you, warmth in the snow...think meg ryan when she's sick in you've got mail, or any of the New York movies in which the apartment would be a million dollar nook but somehow a shopkeeper has it... sparkling white lights on an evening in..

you don't need the acting to be good, really, you lose yourself in the hope that someday you'll be British... or be alone in a fourposter bed with tea and cookies on the bedside table. Your socks will be warm, the bathrobe won't gap... the kids will be indefinitely visiting grandma and if your mate chances by, you will take him by the head and lead him to your lair. In the morning, he'll make a hot breakfast and go. I'll spend the day puttering, watering the windowsill full of greenery, looking out into the meadow for hours at a time... no laundry, no bills, no dishwashing.

i've long held the dream of joining a nunnery. I think I might want to reinvestigate the dream and install some more bedlinens, some wonderful lighting and perhaps a visiting mate now and again..

*the sickness passed to me, and on my mate's one day off per week, he has taken the kids away to the big family bonfire and I have been sleeping in my nook, watching a terribly acted movie with a wonderful set of nooks. It is nice to have privacy in illness. and its very nice to feel such gratitude.


Jen said...

Feel better!

The D said...

Oh, it is so nice to have privacy in illness. yes, Yes, YES.

Viv said...

I hope you feel better soon! Your spouse takes your children out of the house by himself? Mine has never done that.