Tuesday, February 2, 2010


after far too long in the struggle, things are finally beginning to bubble for me, burble if you look at yesterday's posting hilarity..i really was cracking myself up -and then i went to the statcounter to see who from where had visited and i had a visitor from bangladesh and i was thrilled ... THRILLED. not only is it a very fun word to say, but hello?! india calling!

so, upon investigation, it appears that the person or persons from bangladesh was really looking up 'earlong' and got the post with 'pig's ear long' in it... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... thats what i get for some wierd-ass post titles... i am thrilled. again.

and it is the bubbling up of real honest to goodness laughter that is making me feel so good about everything. It may be just a momentary glee but my god, i feel like i've been out of the glee for far too long, and it is my native resting spot. believe it or not.

a thing to save a marriage: my husband, when asked what color i should dye my hair this weekend, says, 'I can't imagine you with any other color. Its perfect."

tiny details, baby, tiny details. Plus, my hair is pissass brownyblond... the man is potentially delusional, but i will keep him just a bit longer - - -
today he is visiting Chakra Carol for his first taste of her medicine. I'm curious/anxious about how he'll be blown away...


Nancy said...

laughter=best medicine

Athena said...

glee is always good, even if only momentarily.

Jen said...

Bubble baby Bubble! Your effervescence is infectious.