Sunday, February 7, 2010


i'm feeling sort of boo radley this morning. i'm not really sure what i mean by that exactly, i'm not hiding my toys in a tree or anything but i am in a fog and feel called upon to come out.
and have the sense that others don't call me for, or expect of me, to stay in.
i am in.

we are on day three of the household shut-in. yesterday we took a family trip to the grocery store just so i could get out of the house. we bought juices and vegetables and right now, the kids are literally on hour 3.5 of television. and they just ate chicken nuggets and tater tots with lots and lots of ketchup. ai.
i am sure their sodium levels are out of this world. we will have icecream for dessert.
thank you for your well wishes. I will put them to good use while i search the tv guide for more answers to my apathy...

i may be dumbing up my kids, but otherwise, they'll be fine, right? they are sick, they WANT to be plugged into visual entertainment, yes? my older boy hasn't gotten off the sofa for longer than a bathroom break for almost two whole days. i think he's coming out of it now... in time for school tomorrow? hoell.


Nancy said...

last week I was nearly compelled to send a check to PBS because of all the wonderful babysitting they did for me while we were all sick. might still do that.

Viv said...

Uh, the Saints won! I'm euphoric...does football make you happy???!!!@