Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The human torch, as taken by the four year old, all aquiver...

athena said her superpower was love, which i think quite fabulous. We have a gigantic book/encyclopedia of superheroes here,( isbn#9780756655303 ), which showcases all of the marvel superheroes in minute detail but also, in graphic... we LOVE it. LOVE. It is quite beautiful in its comickbookyness and color, my god, we forget how primary it is... pun intentional... and we have all learned a lot more than we ever thought possible about our favorite badguys and goodguys... but I realized when I thought about the superpower of love that not one single one of those superheroes had anything to do with an emotion, they can freeze things, move things, bring on a hurricane or a tornado, see through things, break things of course, but cannot for the life of themselves, move someone to tears, or make them laugh... not with their powers anyhow.

How amazing would it be to have a superhero who made his/her enemies laugh or feel glee? earth-shattering, no doubt, right? ... although the opposite side of the coin would be to have the power to make one's enemies despair or fear... and that would certainly be no joke. I wonder what my superpower is? will be? has been?
As the illness winds its way up and out like the insidious worm it has been over the past two weeks, I am thinking of changing my perspectives on some things, like futures, babies, laughs, husbands, chilis, laundry... if illness is a staging ground for developmental leaps, we are all in for a heap of change over here... what is coming... spring is already lurking in my soggy soil, though I think she is playing games just yet.


Jen said...

I could not agree more on the Donnie comments. He's a jackass. Now on to my superpower. I can either alphabetize like no other or I can procrastinate. But how would that fight crime? Jail cells would have the bad guys in alphabetical order....which is helpful for the warden. But getting the bad guys caught might be hard because I would procrastinate putting on my super hero outfit, you know because my thighs are a little bigger than they should be and then I need to put a casserole in for the fam. Wait, I forgot to pay the mortgage and I'm just not really in the mood to fight crime. ughhh.

Amanda said...

My superpower is eating an entire bag of Doritos and taking 4 years to burn all the calories. Love would be a much better way to use my force.