Friday, February 5, 2010

we sick

we are all under-the-weather, and boy, are we ever... its not the vomit, which seems to have ended but the low pressure system. Nobody is well enough to be anything but crotchety. and so, i am feeling great guilt for the amount of television that I am watching and the lack of healthy food preparing that I am doing. I will serve chicken soup, goddamnit, but it will come from a can. we are dripping from all our orifices. and it would all be fine, if it werent' settled on MOM's chest as well. My lack of energy is leading to mounds of clothing to be done, pounds of garbage to be moved, and some serious problems with frozen pizza boxes on the back deck. honestly.
i'm a very sorry case. you should feel great pity for me, because i am worth it. me, and pantene.
i am worth it.
pity party, straight ahead.
and if i had any energy, i'd slap someone.

thats right. i don't think it really made sense either . . . :) heh.
cough, cough, gasp for breath, cough, wheeze.


Nancy said...

it's not's explaining.

Viv said...

Sending lots of "well" wishes your way.

Sarah said...

Love the Pantene reference:)
And if it makes you feel better I snuck in from work, heard Josh scolding Noah, and still stuck upstairs to check... farmville. White flowers are important!

amyontheroad said...

i feel your pain and hear your whines. be well soon!

Jen said...

Are you okay? Do you need to be held? I want you to feel way better and quick. I don't like the makes me want to whine. Wait, I am whining. Sorry. Feel better and don't booger on your kids that's gross.
Sending good wishes your way. Tomorrow you will be way better, if not booger on your kids.