Friday, February 19, 2010


i found another woman that I love out there ....freckletree. I'm not sure how to find her but you should go looking... i think, i'm just guessing there... but try it at wordpress. Along with Athena and Amanda, Jen, Jen, Nancy, Viv, Karen, Sam and MJ and all the people in the side-bar over there. I read some cool stuff on a daily basis and you should too.

Woke up this morning with a riot going on in my sinuses. a slow, sludgy thing but a riot nonetheless. But BUT! there is no vomit and there is no pee in my house right now. maybe in the laundry basket but just look away.

I can hear. thats good. there is still julie andrews and today I am taking my kids to the library where we will stock up on enough julie to last us until the school vacation is over... what a drudge of a thing this vacation was... damn.
Oh MARY poppins. OH.


My four year old took all the pictures in this post. Thought I'd pass on his skill... wonder where he gets his perspective? or, is my perspective that of a four year old?


Jen said...

A couple of things. I LOVE the photographs particularly the one of you. They are genius. I just visited Freckletree. This woman is hilarious. The dancing is something I could watch everyday. Thanks for the intro.
While you are at the library will you pick up a Meomi book for me cuz I'm in need of some inspiration and I am too lazy to take my 3 children to my library. I just can't handle any dirty looks today. I'm fragile. Thanks

Viv said...


I checked freckletree out too, she is very, very funny.