Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hey. what?

I can still hear. How's that for good?
I think maybe i'll start every post that way for a while. I feel like I could use some reminders of where I was two years ago, so that I'll be more present in where I am now.

That was a bad place, this one is a struggle but doesn't include death thoughts or helplessness or terrible loneliness or the longing for my husband's voice that nearly killed me. . . and so I am better here . hear hear... ahaha.

I think that my writing has been sort of tinny lately, as if I'm just concerned with the amount of kitchen supply I have, and not the contents of the refrigerator. you know? I've got tinfoil up the wazoo but no cilantro.

give me something to write about besides mothering instances... are all things related to birth and growth and death in the end? really? is that what is happening to the country? we are heading towards obesity of budget and overcapitalism spiraling down into insignificance and worldly decay?

verbose frivolity.

I know this sickness has knocked us all back but while I have my moments of twirling, I'm stuck more often in the chagrin. And I'd like to switch that up. Maybe I should get my sewing Grammie a bit and put myself to better uses than complaint.

On that note, I am going to start my taxes.


Athena said...

I would like you to writ about your thoughts on attachment parenting. It should surprise no one that I have some opinions of my own.