Thursday, January 7, 2010


there's a love.
all the old ladies of the world and the peaceniks and the others i've not yet pigeonholed...
i love you too.
i love being loved.
i do.
I am married. I like being married most of the time but I love my husband all of the time, even when I want to kill him. and I do, sometimes... but I love him. and marriage, for me, was actually a sacred moment of time and space where I stood in front of God and my whole world of community and pledged myself to him, and took his pledge to me.
There has been blood shed since then, hearts broken and repaired, terrible wounds inflicted and moments that are happily passed. . .and children, there are children.
there's a love, my sweetheart, angel dear, lovey.
we call him J.


Amanda said...

Me and my honey are "ovey" to one another.

As an aside, my parents had friends who called each other lovey. The wife blew her brains out at the age of 42. Not sure what made me think of those two loveys who really weren't.

Viv said...

My husband's endearment of choice is "Sweet," and it makes me crazy when I hear him say it...I'd like to flash a sign that says, "Warning, warning, total bull will follow!"

Jen said...

Mr. Handsome, Here at the Hive just recently commented on my "sweet dimpled ass." Hmmmm. I'm 40, uber-sensitive, just getting used to my anti-depressant, dealing with a pre-pubescent 6th grader and uhhh, I don't know, hate that all I do is DISHES! So sex that up Mr. Handsome. Seriously, dimpled ass? It is dimply (is that even a word?) Oh is what is, as the kids are saying these days.

thisnewplace said...

I love my J too. :)