Tuesday, June 15, 2010

achooo, rhymes with askew

i have lots and lots of hankies. i don't see any reason to keep it hidden any longer. i also have very frequent sneeze attacks and use 3 or 4 hankies a day. how the hell am i going to clean up this kind of clutter for a stranger, i ask you. HANKIES?

and look. i must be a shitty mother. i keep trying to entertain myself by hitting the 'next blog' button at the top of the blogscreen up there and I keep getting into these spaces wherein the entire blog is about some little kid. WHAT?. !...i say with great scorn. I don't even know what grammatical endpoint to add in because i just can't understand how anyone could spend all day with the kids and then think of nothing else to write about but that selfsame day.
my kids are cute. even if they weren't, i would think they were. . . they are, you love them, i love them, and i just don't want to relate all the things that they do, the love that they give or that they withold because really, spidey is their favorite today or just because they're ornery pigs.

the other spaces are taken up by 'polynesian or malaysian' teens. and i have nil to say about that.
i guess i may need to be more purposeful, even here.
i am trying so hard these days of hysteria to hold on to chakra carol's wisdom about how careless we are with the things we allow to take up residence in our brains. i know i am not a shitty mother most of the time. and when i am, i am sure there is some sort of rational path behind me that led me to it. i keep moving forward.


speaking of moving, the decision is made, the emails have been sent and we are actually going to begin this whole process of switching houses. dear god.
plus, because timing is everything, there is a mysteriously large amount of water in the basement. hasn't rained today, have a new washer and the kids took a bath, so one of those things is responsible but it certainly isn't clear. just in time for a move, but not helpful for a sale. where the hell is the water coming from? where. the. hell.

keep on keepin' on.


Owen A said...

my wonder about the "next blog" button is this: are all those blogs fixed in relation to one another? is the "next blog" truly 'next' in the sense that you or I may be 'next' in line at the movie theater? or- are the blogs 'next' in the sense of topic- or -even better [but sadly much less likely] in terms of content or quality or - similarness...
my fear is that the 'next'-ness of the 'next' blog has no more relation to any certain blog- then anything else in the online world - and that 'next' is decided when you press that button- and is more or less random... [this entire comment might be completely inane- if I would but take the time to research how "blogger" defines 'next'ness- all my questions would of course be answered {or would I be left with more/different questions...}]