Tuesday, June 8, 2010

just simply this

i'm just lonely, man.

tell me if its like this for you: before thinking of it, it came out of my mouth.

lets paint outside.

for the 4 minutes of prepping, i got about 5 minutes of interest. i took a lot of pictures.

aren't you very impressed?

will they remember?

where is my time actually going?


The D said...

I am impressed. And you have pictures! That's the best part! See, see you did like it!
I cannot tell you how many times I planned something full of joy over the "Mommy points" I would be earning only to be met with a tantrum or running away or "NO!". Deflated, I turn away...
but this is me doing it, man! I am TRYING today, Kiddos. Really!
It just serves as a reminder that it is not the stuff we do (or don't do) it's looking them in the eye and being present. Cheesy but true. And I know- because it's what I didn't have. And... all I ever wanted.
Who knew it would be this lonely, though?

Jamie said...

How about "Why don't you play with play-doh while I cook dinner?" Then I realize that my kids aren't old enough to manage play-doh alone, so there goes dinner! I'd like to think that the 15 minutes of searching for supplies, the 5 minutes of play-dohing, and (insert favorite toddler sandwich here) are so much cooler than the grown-up food I would have thrown away untouched that my kids just might remember.

So much of what I do as a mom is for the pictures. And when it's not, it's because we're actually having fun and no one has time to stop for a camera. It's the tickles and giggles that matter most, right? I just can't wait until they're old enough to share their own memories. "Mom, remember when we...? That was really great!" MELT. For now, "Hi, Mom" (or "Mommy" from my little girl) gets me every time.