Thursday, December 10, 2009

back on the wagon

I've been thinking about re-committing to the daily posting idea, even though its no longer noppopo or whatever. I found it really fulfilling to get comments, to see that people were checkin in... I liked having a goal and achieving it, damnit . :)
Yes, it sucked away my time, but should I be spending all my time doing laundry for other people? feeding other people? what?! It is something for me while I figure out this family thing, the marriage thing and the wild and crazy idea that next year I will have two kids in school and two whole mornings per week with nobody to take care of. I have a hard time believing that, but there it is. I won't even have a babysitter anymore. increable.
I've finished Olive Kittredge and liked it quite a bit but also found the ending frustrating, as i tend to with endings these days. too quick, too neat, too banal.
I'm working now on the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, which I like a lot for its adventure and mystery and I haven't reached the end yet so can't tell what it will hold.
look at me, ma... i'm reading...
wish david could serenade me with 'changes' right now.
but no, dragon train is on instead... i mean, dinosaur train.


amyontheroad said...

oy. what a slacker i am! and oh! i'm excited to read you.

Athena said...

having two mornings a week is like a gift from the preschool gods. I have it this year for the first time in 9 yeas, and I run around every Tues and Thurs like a nut trying to figure out what to do with my time. Then I go pick up the kids.