Monday, December 14, 2009

so ballsy

well, so much for the daily posting idea. i had forgotten that 'tis the season means that preschoolers are crazed with energy and, evidently, aggression towards their mothers. merry christmas.
also, i've been just overwhelmed by my own life. and because i have been asked and agreed not to share marital stuff here, i feel somewhat stilted and can only complain wierdly and vaguely and its unsettling and whiney to do that. It comes down to being too simpleminded to split myself into categories. there is only one , and having a private life/secret makes me feel all split up, even if its just a secret from bloggoramaville.
also, i've not slept for two nights because the birthday boy decided to get a fever and start throwing up when all the grandparents were sitting around the cake. really. timing is everything... he didn't even get to rip wrapping paper. poor baby.
i smell like vomit.
i did manage to finish my mother's stocking, and the one i promised my niece's mother a full year ago. afullyear.
i go see chakracarol tommorow, so i should have something to say.
unless i fall asleep and miss the whole thing. which is certainly not impossible.


this new place said...

my kids have been nuts with excitement too and been attitude-y too. I told them I would cancel Christmas and put the tree out the door if they fought one more time. (I lied, they have fought and the tree is still there).