Friday, December 18, 2009

not a nut

I have to say, with all the holiday party that i can stand having just finished... i am not a christmas nut. I admit, I do decorate the day after Thanksgiving, and this year, I had my Santas in place while the turkey was roasting... and I do love Christmas, the actual holiday celebrating a humble birth.... can you believe that? under all that has come since that time? a humble birth?
but anyhow, i digress... I am not a Christmas nut. And I am not talking about people who love to decorate or who are naturally effervescent or passionate, I am talking about the people who think that Christmas (HOLIDAY) parties for preschoolers are a good time. who /why ? I am pleased to announce that I was the last to arrive (due to a near heart attack trying to find a place to park my in-laws TOWNCAR/smallyacht in an urban environs) and the first to go. I could not find HO-HOs.... so I left my two bags of donettes happily swimming amidst the homemade cupcakes that looked like penguins... really. Do you think Donettes feel insignificant next to their homemade rivals? I think the Donettes are roller derby girls, having a riot of a time in their bag with a window... who wants to be pigeonholed in a cupcake holder, anyhow? c'mon.
My kid was overwhelmed too. Handed me his half-eaten donette and read a book while the hundreds of hordes sang their 'name song'...
I LOVE pulling glitter from a dubious ornament out of my kids hair because they've been playing in the corner behind the tree. I LOVE THAT.
I am filled with wonder at the beauty of our christmas tree, every single year, for as long as I can remember.
and I love church on Christmas Eve, it honestly feels like magic and I think its probably in any church, anywhere. O Come Let Us Adore Him' makes me cry, every time.
So. I like it, I admit, but I am going to stay home until the furor out there has passed. right.