Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holy pressure

how does one do this? athena gave me a lovely blog award with rules attached...ark...
and it took me far too long to figure out how to plug it up there but i do know i thank her while grimacing and gritting my teeth because i have felt like such a fake lately and if i knew her personally and could reach her, i'd pinch her shapely arm.

but i am not a fake, i've just been doing the keeping quiet thing ... hubby and i have had one of those experiences that leave a pit of fear and uncertainty in your belly, at least mine... and i am so glad to be on the 'almost' other side of it and I am glad that I saw Chakra Carol today because I feel like I've had the most wonderful bathing time, and my eyes are open to what goodness I have in me, and I'm probably wicked awesome and you really really love me .
hee heeyah. seriously, I feel wonderfully and it is such a welcome change to what I've been doing in this last week . ah, the one certainty is change, right? I bet I'm a better mom than I think I am. I know I'm a better protector than I thought I was... i love my kids and I'm realizing how central they have become to my identity. Not the individuals themselves, but to the part of me that DOES find fulfillment in watching them grow and play... in my own development, they are here and they are forces of life to be reckoned with... and how I deal with them and with my husband is my choice. and all about me, in the end. so who do i want to be? who am i? well.
to follow the rules of the blog award: here are seven things you don't know about me... I make no promises about their interest level, just fulfilling a rule.
1. My first son is named after a very famous musician.
2. My second son is named after a very famous and very stern prophet.
3. I don't read my own posts after they are gone, (so I may have said their names earlier... )
4. I haven't vaccinated my children against anything except tetanus and the meningitis thing.
5. My middle name is my Grandmother's maiden name and I love it to pieces : Hall
6. I love Lloyd Dobbler but would burn his coat and sneakers.
7. I accept without sadness that the part of me that was filled up with joy at John Huston movies is gone.
so there. now I have to pass the award on to five other blogs, which is something I'm going to pass on... I know, like a bad chain letter follower - I am risking all sorts of juju here. but go check out the ones I follow, they are all so wonderful... I like 'this new place' lately... and 'diagnosis:urine' ... And MamaMama and Cheerio Road and The Middle Bit and russell's, if he ever ever posted anything... and I award them... wonderfull-ness all around. anyhow... go looking. there's a lot out there.
love and good juju to you all.


this new place said...

hey, thanks for the mention, I enjoy yours too!! I have never had a vaccination, ever, (my kids have) in my life, except measles when I was 21. And I miss the John Huston movies too. I am thinking of buying them on dvd just to keep them alive in the house

Gina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are hilarious...and I needed a laugh today. :)

Athena said...

glad you played along, even if I get a bruised arm out of it :-)

Nancy said...

Thank you. I love coming to you because what I read and literally what I see on your page is the stuff that spills out. I love the punctuation, or lack there of. I love the spaces and the flat words and the sentences that end as one thing and begin another. It's so real because it is so what your brain would look like if your thoughts had a ticker tape. Thank you for you and thank you for finding me.