Thursday, December 3, 2009

Farmville is for girls

Ok. I play the stupidest game in the world. really. and what is most embarassing is that I know lots and lots of smart other people who do it to, and I think there are multiple layers of too much thinking that have enabled me to say, farmville is for girls.

there is no competition but you can see other farms and judge their setups...

things will wither if you do not tend them at regularly scheduled times...

you grow whatever you like, can pick 'perfect' bouquets and share them and yet, cannot actually 'make' anything with what you grow, or eat it.

also, for all the moms out there who feel unrewarded by all of the child raising they are doing, you get ribbons as you grow more and more. ribbons!

and there is money up the wazoo that you can buy decorations with. money. wazoo.

plus, nobody chases you down the street if your strawberries wither on the vine. or calls DSS if you forget to buy eggs for breakfast.

my almost two year old loves to hear the sheep low and the ducks quack.

family values, family values.


urban craft said...

okay, maybe this whole facebook thing isn't so bad. My cousin plays it all the time (my husband tells me) and she has absolutely no posts. But every half hour. she finds a lost cow or makes some apple pie on Farmville. He finally just had to hide her status and is pondering deleting her. She's kinda a bitch anyway.
Are we supposed to get recognition for child rearing? I am still waiting for that, too.

Jen said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about -- I've won like 12 ribbons for my child rearing. And two trophies for natural childbirth. So.