Sunday, December 27, 2009


mental lists have started to take over my life, I've got to start writing things down... I'm losing track of what is mental and what is practical..what is part of some old dream and what is real.
there were lots of favorite things that happened over this past week though.
there was a snowstorm and I had no place to be. favorite.
there were my sister and brother laughing at my kids. favorite.
there was music at a darkened church and kids holding candles all around.
there was no time to take the perfect photo, the time was full of watching.
There was a cardinal.
There was no vomit, and the struggle to bed was that of a four year old listening for hooves on the roof.
There was surprise and delight at a toy chainsaw. really. it makes sound and moves, ah, bliss.
There was shock and awe that the smell of J's 'new' aftershave made me remember first loving him.
there was melancholy for the girl that I was then. so much of that. so much, it overwhelmed some of my day, i tell you.
there was a good good book, Help. it is done, it was Good.
there was a roaring fire and unwrapped boxes.
there were gifts from afar which were magical in their traveling.
there were whole days when the tv was 'broken'. whole days.
there are more days in which to make more lists, but this is today's. . .


Athena said...

love the one about the aftershave :-) happy new year to you.

urban craft said...

sometimes life really is like a dream. I on the other had do write the lists down, cause I can't seem to keep track of it mentally. I should email you a picture of what the list looks like (it's all in a notebook) perhaps it is like the one in your head, but yours is probably less scary.

Kate Hall said...

no way my list is less scary. it has 'get a job' and 'find a calling' on separate lines, followed, or preceded by 'laundry','tatoo' and 'deal w/kid's aggression'... hm.
J's aftershave is really to die for, 'buy some more'...

Jen said...

oh I love this list. It's delightfully close to my own heart. A few things.... I don't write things down anymore. I am 40 and have way too much to keep track of. There's too much. the listt is ridiculously long. darkened church with kids holding candles, there's nothing more beautiful when you have a serious buzz on. so glad there was no vomit. vomit is awful, no matter the holiday. please TELL the good book. and, Mother of the Year goes to YOU! Broken T.V. seriously, brilliant, perfectly brilliant. Happy New Year!