Thursday, December 17, 2009

let me tell you what

there will be no cookies this year. no cookies.
unless they come from the elves of keebler.
there are many reasons for this but mostly it is my derriere and my realization that this belly i now own is not going away unless i take a decisive action.
another set of reasons would be the two boys in my life who could fight over which shade of blue the sky would be, if you could in fact see it through the murk... all they want to do is press the buttons on the blender and you know what? that has catastrophe written ALL over it. SO. no cookies. keebler elves.
AND, they've both vomited in the past four days and yet again, i am tired. It seems like we are done with the vomits and just in time for the 'holiday' party... sometimes i am just tireed of people not being willing to acknowledge the overwhelming nature of the christmas thing... i'm supposed to make food and I think I may challenge the attachment parenting crowd and provide hohos in a box, making my own extremely witty pun on the whole santa/holiday thing...and now I can't find where the vomit smell is coming from and this makes me very concerned...
and i'm sorry about all the ellipses... sees... what have you... just can't be bothered.

keebler. take me away


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Ummm... guess the cookies I sent over didn't quite do the trick. Sorry about that.

I'd love to see the ho hos at the holiday party. :-)

Kate Hall said...

never got no cookies, ma'am... hubby is in a world of trouble. a world. . .

Athena said...

I am a huge fan of the ellipse.

And ho-hos.

Jen said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I think you are very, very funny. I love that you see the humor in this so called, "best profession in the world" I mean motherhood. I am putting you on my blog roll. Can't remember how I found you but glad I did.