Friday, December 4, 2009

can't watch tv

on fridays my older boy goes to school and stays 'late', so i have until almost two o'clock with just the young one. we putz, do some coloring or playdough and I watch some tv that usually comes on after 8 at night, at which point I am usually a mean zombie mom with no selfcontrol so i am on the way to bed... or to 'bedtime' which is quickly becoming the dungeon of my nights...think chains and moldy bread.
anyhow. with the exception of sitcoms or fashion shows, all the things that I think I am going to enjoy are filled with violence, foreboding, grotesquery, or aggression. It makes the world look so unbelievably scary and I am not in a place to be able to handle it. At first glimpse, these adult shows look sort of like adventures or mysteries to be figured out as we are allowed more and more information or development, and they are well written because we are on the edge of our seats. but why are they so dark? is this how we, in the post 9-11 world, seeing our Selves or our men? the only time there is a full light on a face is when its a woman, and there is also a shot of her perfect legs somehow...
do we, as a tv watching society, think our men are shadowy figures? tricksters? masters of manipulation? slaves to their demons? liars? is yours? is mine? those deep foreboding wells of aggression- are they what lurks behind...?
I can't do it anymore. I'm sticking with Project Runway. otherwise, my dreams of running with scissors make me a wacko unfulfilled. :)


urban craft said...

I kinda miss not having cable for these cool shows. ALthough Hulu has helped. But, like, watching Law & Order, which we love, seems to traumatize me ever since i had a child. It's mostly the horror of the stories more than the violence. Like it will affect the way I raise my kid or something. It's weird.