Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wooden food

My four year old has just made me a tray full of sliced food, wooden variety platter as it were. He is foresaking naps these days and while I recognize that i AM very lucky that he has taken them for four years, I am completely unconvinced that I am going to survive his transition into kidhood. He is growing right now, I think.. refusing most food and getting real skinny and I am watching him grow up suddenly and I think his conceptual understanding of the world is exploding. He is clingy and full of whine and I think he has recognized that his parents are fallible, vulnerable and so on and so forth and I just am spinning as I watch him do the same... He has just climbed into my lap to "feed" me so I am finishing off the post with one finger. He really is the wonder of my days, sometimes.
I am bulky with food. nourished.


Jen said...

I love that you described your little guy as "clingy and full of whine" that's how my husband described me last night only minus the "h." Losing the nap is one of the hard parts of parenting. You are seeing the results as those bodies are growing and still need the rest yet they are so busy being curious they want to be awake. Good luck and enjoy the wooden food.

Athena said...

Ahhhh, moving on from babyhood. It is a painful transition but a glorious state once you are there. They start cracking smartass jokes and putting themselves to bed by kissing YOU goodnight and heading upstairs. It ain't all bad.