Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spidey sinew...

Batty's final resting place... would you just look at spidey's legs for a minute here.... this particular toy is jointed all the way down to the toes. seriously, a fabulous resting place for my man Bat. Carol did a check for me on what I expected from a man. Basically, it seems, I'd like to be married to my grandmother. I want someone as a helper, a blanket on my legs whilst I while away the hours by the fire... etc. A cat, maybe. Sex aside, if you can, how many of you out there think you'd like to be domestically partnered with a woman, for the ease of the thing... ? I understand that sex is a big thing to get around, and only occasionally would I want to admit how rarely I even get to experience it, certainly not enough to make it a blog SUBJECT like ms. athena... but geez. (It IS absolutely fabulous, just increasingly unsimple). My childhood dream of entering a convent (yes, i really did, i think it had something to do with the quiet and simple and no, i'm not now nor never have been Roman Catholic...) now has begun to make a lot more sense again... the dream of disappearing... sinking into the simple.

guess who is not feeling very wonderful anymore? the drawback to carol's bathing me in goodness is that showers lose some of their potency... and the next day is always a bitch. and i'm talking publicly about joining a convent or marrying a woman for ease of homelife. my husband LOVES that I blog. LOVES IT.