Wednesday, December 23, 2009


seriously, who knew there could be this much laundry in my life? I have been curious about the differences between wifing and mothering and which one is harder before, but only lately have I realized that I actually think taking care of the house is my most difficult, ridiculous and offensive job. Yes, I said offensive. I am on the defensive here, so there must be some offense, otherwise I'm just CRAZY. which couldn't be.

In the prep for the big gift-giving bonanza that is about to happen here, I've been trying to straighten up and fly right.... meaning that I need to vacuum and move furniture and I am just freaking bad at this whole deal. I tried to fly with FLYLADY, which is an internet based clean-help type deal and while i love my clean sink, I am just overloaded with culch. Kultch... whathaveyous lying all around and in between. It does not help that my teeny tiny entire house only contains two tall-enough closets (one of them is in the bathroom=no help) . the others are small cubby nooks for old fashioned short people. I am one of those but am quickly being outsized by my children and the piles of said culch...
what to do?
send santa a request for a cleaner? no. the work to prepare for a cleaner would be ridiculous.... a request for a husbandly bathroom clean? maybe... the mania with which he cleans is also ridiculous and puts ALL other things on hold while it is being done, something which a mom with two kids can't really get to do.
so, we may have a cluttered christmas over here. you think the boys will notice if they sit on pine needles to open their gifts? or lean back on a dog-hair covered pillow ?


Athena said...

laundry for 5 = 10x the laundry for 4 more mama-math that makes no sense. and the worst job of all is the seasonal changing of clothing in drawers and closets. like a FT job.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

The laundry is what does me in. The upside of my husband having pneumonia is five weeks of no work out clothes. The sweaty piles of cloth added to his regular daily clothes plus the accumulation of clothing from three kids who always seem to pee or puke on whatever they are wearing easily leads to 10-15 loads a week. (This is why I'm not cloth diapering.) Never mind that I never change the sheets or my own clothes. Yeah, that's the reason.