Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amox and this mama

Sinus infection, it was a sinus infection and whilst I lay about all day yesterday, by noon I had popped some antibiotics and was in recovery. It was something of a joke to write 'day three' on yesterday's post, as it had been a week of daily excedrin struggles and a worn down mama is nobody's friend. nobody.

(this is an old picture, haven't seen that mask in months and months, from Grammie's stash after she died...)

so, now my system is full of the ambiguous ingredient list of the big pink pill and we'll see how it handles the ride.  And the headache is 'just' about gone, though it tickles the skull now and again, still.

To refer back to the sauna problem of a few posts ago... husband makes a real distinction between this sauna activity being 'non-sexual nudity' and not lecherous leering, so he sees no problem and requests fairly respectfully that I talk the same talk.  It is actually one of those times wherein I have a split between what I may feel intellectually and what I feel from the gut.  Because the two reactions are opposites, it is hard to apply a nonjudgemental approach.  My intellect agrees with hubsJ, it shouldn't really be a problem for people to be naked in a dark sauna.  Even while typing, the other part of me (what IS IT?) is arguing and flinging arms and swearing.  So... the debate rages. or something...

And i have a free morning and I have washed dishes and now I've been here on the computer for an hour and I'm sort of pissed off about that. where the hell are the inner resources?