Sunday, November 28, 2010

The faithful steed

The house is going on the market after New Years. I love this place. It is beautiful and full of my kid's earliest memories and my transitions from harried mother to radically harried mother. :) i'm not harried, no worries.) Today we spent the morning sorting out HubsJ's clothes, getting some ready to go to the tailor, some to the salvation of another, some just to get themselves good and clean... we sort the socks on our bed, we look at the wallpaper and the afternoon sun coming in our windows, we talk about our recent repast. This is our place.  If we could take it with us? all would be well.
So we are readying ourselves to leave this place behind, hoping to feel good about the next people to come inside...
We carried a bench out to the street this morning and it was scooped up by lunch.  I love the idea that someone has excitement over something that has dogged me so... as I have begun to look at this lovely place through its transition to 'sellable'... the crazies who need 'clean lines' and 'clean countertops' as if no one were living here, no young boys were spreading their puzzle pieces from stem to stern...I'm very glad we have this last holiday season here, free and unencumbered from realty, a critical eye can pass right by... my clutter, the doghair tumbleweeds, the playdough forever enmeshed in the rug, the leftover lice treatment box behind the computer, and so on and so on -infinity.


Jen said...

doghair tumbleweeds. Love.