Friday, November 26, 2010


If you went out and got lots of bargains, well, good for you.
I think you are crazy. I drove around with my family, though, and maybe that is crazy too.  And if I'm going to drop my judgemental sham thing, its all crazy, and none of it is. . . We shopped like crazy for books at the Salvation Army and I got some beautifully illustrated books that they won't look at (much) until they are way older. HubsJ got a shirt. We were wild.
We went to the hardware store and bought some dowels so the 5, C,  could have a pointer like his teacher and play school.  Long arms no longer cut it.
And then we drove to look at a house we once visited which is unfinished and for sale.  So beautiful, beautifully located, but perhaps too small, perhaps to be developed by... so beautiful though...

Now we eat our leftovers, all of them, and feel fat and happy by the fire. 
what the hell is black about any of that?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

It was an experience I never had so I did it. I shall never do it again. Ridiculous.

I figured I redeemed myself by baking two loaves of bread yesterday. That was a worthwhile investment of my time.