Friday, November 12, 2010

one of those...

today i decided to wipe up the floor without sweeping first.  for those of you out there who don't do these things every day... it doesn't really work that well. 
after swishing the dirt on the floor around into different swirly patterns, i cut myself a piece of a yummy chocolate chip muffin that someone at stop and shop put into the dayoldbread section.  tiny piece out of a big muffin because i was trying to get it to last me through the day where the three year old thinks he is not going to nap and that his ass is the most interesting thing in the world and so keeps his hand there ALL THE TIME.  so . muffin eating. move on to the story chanting (the lion's coming... on the next page... turn it to the lion mummy...the lion....) for the boy with the hand in the butt, hear a crash from the kitchen, dash to see what is the matter and discover that the dog has gotten the plate on the counter between her teeth, dashed it to pieces on the floor and gobbled up the rest of my muffin.
So i am back to cleaning the floor in the kitchen from one dirty standard to another and i decide that i need the vacuum. into the closet i go and (without mishap) get it out, turn it  on and reach another standard of clean alltogether... fabulous. i did, however, discover why the entire dining room smells like pee. And I am not going to talk about it, because I cannot discern if it was dog or kid, and eventually, I would like to have you all over for dinner, and I don't want you wondering, either.
At least I get to go to Salvation Army this weekend to buy plates.  We now officially do not have enough for our own family, unless I begin eating on a dinosaur plate.  and i don't want to. and I think five bucks is a glorious price to pay to escape the nightly battle over who gets to use the T-Rex plate. 
I have 20 minutes before picking up the boy from K and now the three is beginning to fade. Did I mention we walk to school? no? wonderful. . .


urban craft said...

You and I have the same technique for floor cleaning. I tend to just swish all that dirt in the corner and no one's the wiser. mmm, want chocolate muffin now. Those of us who eat right out of the cooking pot feel that plates are overrated.