Saturday, November 6, 2010


swing it, power ranger.  he believes he is the red ranger because he has that nifty cape. thankgod. the red ranger costumes at target were 20 bucks. holy hell batman. so, in typical fair mom fashion, the older one got the cheapass fabricated outfit with mask and the young one got the salvation army version with a rushjob cape, to make it all red. everyone was happy.
*also, they are currently 75% off, so guess who nabbed excellent christmas costumes? oh yes, we will have wolf ninja and pirate scallywag dancing around the christmas tree this year... just about every mother's dream. . . dress up is KING.

I'm going to see Chakra Carol next Tuesday and I even called her on the phone and asked for some tips to get me through a bad day (it worked -because she is that good) and thats how 'in' I am.  I just wanted you to know. I am totally 'inner circle'.
(i'm really not, though I do think Carol likes me. she's very nice. ) ((Ever read CS Lewis' writing about circles? good stuff))
I have a new wish for the millenium.  (not the Falcon)

I want to be a badass. 

Thats right, I want to stop being distracted by parenthetical explanations and just let the expression stand without any dither.
(Thats right.  This is where I have ended my spiritual growth and decided that badass has something to do with grammar. )

really. I have to figure out how to cultivate the badass-ishness that lies dormant ....
any tips?
maybe i need to get those clippers out? DAMN THE MAN.
( i desparately fear the cold. DAMN THE WEATHER MAN.)
yes, nonsensical.


The D said...

Dude. You are in. Get over yourself. Be a Badass.

Owen A said...

hm, uh- most of those characterized as "badass" typically also ignore grammer- so- perhaps you are pushing a new frontier; [thinking "word girl"{pbs cartoon}, "eats, shoots, and leaves." {smallbooktreatise re: grammar vigilante in england}] of statements unimpeded by (paranthetical explanations and) other drivel.
as for me- i've resolved myself [long, long ago] that i must accept my addiction to that as a means of signaling my intent *sometimes imaginary and ineffective* to structure my communication. ~which is most certainly why many normal brained {sane} folks have difficulty following my twisted path of speaking. ~
x. for me the parenthesis is *almost* as important as the letters in between .x
clippers: you are [still] talking about cutting your hair? hm. I also have subscribed to the theory re; hair making the day, person {sampson} however hmm
-=- I guess, all I can say is to urge you to think about what you want - for yourself, not for another or the other- and then ^hold that thought^ for at least a day, b/c hair takes much longer to grow back than to cut; if you still find that same direction in the morn, follow through on your decision to your self [cut it off] [or don't, as the case may be] {b/c it is only hair- it will grow}
$) I will share that my wife has several times gone to the "boy" cut |with some intent to spite/defy me-{and my patriarchal/stereotypical notions of long haired woman/lover %leading to conversation w/ my father "O, why did Jen cut her hair? is she upset about something?"%} while i did experience some grief/chagrin at this change of appearance, it was measured in hours, whereas her experience was measured in months for regrowth | ($
at bottom- it is your hair, do what you want, what may make you happy.