Monday, November 1, 2010

NOMOHOHO, and away we go...

I'm going to try and do the daily posting for the month.  And, in light of the recent Halloween overload and the presence of much sugar in the house, I am renaming it NoMo HoHo*.  I remember last year's writing took place when I'd had much todo with the local constabulary and it had PoPo in the title.  we'll see how HoHo plays out.  I expect it to spread like wildfire through the hills of the world wide web.
we'll see how it goes.
I need to focus verbally and typographically on the things that are sort of blissfully noticed around here.
My kids really like to turn their daily activities into song.  really. the 5 year old and the almost 3 year old.  and that is really delightful, even when its a storm trooper killing an elk, its delightful.
our halloween was just fine, so many people in the neighborhood had their lights off that it was sort of pathetic, but the kids didn't really know that - and as most of the candy has been 'redistributed' already, its not yet all about the haul.  I love giving out candy at the door.  Its a chance to be the generous neighbor, the beneficent one at the door.  You get to see the families of the kids, the kids get to see you... i love it... and its warm and toasty inside. One more thing that is blissful about being the grown-up... heat and cozy become WAY WAY more easy to achieve.  ah.
so, here it goes, day one.

*(plus, i've already played tony bennet's christmas cd twice for the kids... they can't decide if it is rock and roll or jazz.... ) 


Denise Nielsen said...

Found your through Stay-At-Home Maven. I too am doing NaBlo- (though your title is better) and my goal is to visit and comment on two new blogs a day in an attempt to get back on the blogging bandwagon (which I fell off a while ago). So nice to meet you ... and good luck with the month to come.

Jen said...

This makes me SO SO HO HO Happy. I look forward to each post. Do I dare join you? You may have just inspired me to get my shit together. And who are you calling a Ho?