Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making me some pumpkin tiramisu

Oh. that got your attention, i see.
me too.

Although, I have just roasted the pumpkin and now I need to wait a little bit for some coolness to descend, or ascend, however it goes... and then, then, I will begin my wild assembly. 

AH. the food, the fridge is stocked, STOCKED. and my closets are bursting with flours and candies galore. 
I am just so thrilled, even the wierd aches and pains can't get to me.

I think that Chakra Carol got me going last time I was there, and I am 'feeling' things that have always been there, but I'm not ignoring them and actually feeling them.  We all know how much fun that reality is..

and dudes, I got my hair cut.  I did not use the clippers but went ahead and paid the gayest man alive to do it for me. honestly. so so very very.  so so, i hope that the world is safer for him.  It is good, I need to wear earrings now, though.  It is not even as short as I'd like it, honestly, but I'm going to let everyone around me get used to it before I go again...

Doctors note:  I moved the bed back to where it always has been since I moved it a few weeks ago.  Headache down by at least 85%.  seems there must have been some sort of wierd angle and not the friendly fengshui I had imagined.  I also have an eyeglass doc appt because maybe the taped glasses bit has got to go.


Jen said...

YUM! I want to see your hair. Mine is being chopped (I already wear short as you know) tomorrow. I cannot wait! Glad the headache is improving, for that I am thankful. Have a very happy turkey day.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I want to see your hair too. Did my kids' pediatrician cut it? wink...wink...

Still Life With Coffee said...

feng shui... the magical drug. I believe it. Pumpkin tiramisu comes in a close second.