Monday, November 29, 2010

Time keeps on ticking

we've been talking a lot about time here lately. tricky thing, sort of fleeting. heh.
the moments when you can literally see 'it'. . . in a gnarled and twisted tree, hubsJ describes, you can catch its history in its curves, the leap away from the straight that happened thirty years ago, for some unknown to me reason. its both space and time at once.
in a moment when I watch C read a book to his brother, that I have personally read to him hundreds of times, and his version of it is so close to the pattern/meaning, that he is correct in his changes, and i can witness the time that I have spent, in a tangible remembrance of that time, spent. 

The deaths in the family are shaking our tree. We (hubsJ and I ) are getting a bit more quiet, tucking in to the beginning winter and the changes of our hierarchy with a healthy but somewhat heavy dose of introspection.  There is faith in the rising of the morning sun. There is faith in the turn of the seasons, at leastaways here in New England... hanging on for the ride is just about all that there is...