Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ha HA! all aboard...

bet you thought I'd miss a day. bet you did. in the evergrowing pressurefilled rush to be the first to get a post on the board every single day in november, thereby achieving the very illustrious positions of ...
what?@! exactly.
but i didn't miss a day yet and here i am in a nomobhoho suit just waiting for your applause.

i'm sucking bigtime at the true, kind, neccessary quiz of a few posts ago.  The thing about it is that it is hard. I spend most of my day saying things that are almost completely unneccesary.  don't hit your brother.
um, right. would be neccessary IF the kid didn't already know that hitting his brother wasn't in the rulebook of the house. he knows. why do i seem to be saying it every flipping moment of the day?
E., don't hit him with that stick, or I will take it away.
Every moment that I am not saying the first, I am saying the second.
I take away a lot of sticks. Why don't I just shut up? aye?

I'm going to get back on the train for this questioning though.  When it started, I was amazed and felt a sort of calm settle in, and I'd like that feeling back.  I cannot actually move in to Chakra Carol's house, although I haven't technically asked.  So, in the interest of accessing the Calm, I am back on the train.  Before I speak... each time... the kids, the hubsJ, the grocerylady...
is it true? is it kind? is it neccessary?
is it?

whapper of a headache this afternoon. lets all keep our fingers crossed that I need new glasses, shall we?


Owen A said...

not to be smart- but - have you considered seeing Dr. re; headaches?

The D said...

OR... you could come here and "let me get my hands on you". I'd even let you move in.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Or you could not invite me over with all my kids in tow? :-) Thanks for the lovely brunch and sorry for the disaster we left in our wake.