Wednesday, November 3, 2010


with your deviant behavior...
a direct quote from 'Empire Records', one of my most favorite for-no-discernible-reason movies of all time. I wasn't even a teenager when I first saw it, so i don't even get to use that as an excuse.  i love the girls, i love the boys. i love it. The romance is the weakest part, and I love that.  i also love that Gwar is in it. 

i went back earlier today, a long day with no naps and no school as it is voting day here (i did, i voted... damn the man... [more Empire])
Damn the man.
anyhow, i went back and read last year's postings in the month of november and i almost feel like i am a different person now.  How is this possible?  How can I not have noticed these changes? drying up...  You bet your bippy i am judging them and feeling myself wanting. . .

and then there is the recurring thought that perhaps I am becoming repetitive because I have now been doing this here internetwriting for too long. the wierd circles of the damned of my intellect have shown themselves (teenmovies, faith, struggle, deafie, husbands, mothering, buffy, swedishfish, raising boys, blahblah) and are showing themselves again. huh.

again, i am wanting.


Owen A said...

ya, so perhaps it is my density, but- i'm not entirely certain if you are requesting that we actually give you examples of our own deviant behavior, or if that was an intro-quote/movie reference to place us in the proper frame. I missed that movie [empire records]
so- of course you are a different person, that is growth/change [whether we recognize it as positive or not- ] is that [recording some word/image of your current thought state] part of/most of the point of the internetwriting? other than the part of it where you are sharing who/where you are with us- your readers. yes you probably cover similar topics, but, there are some new. [kids in school now, it has been a bit {weeks?} since a post focused on vomit...]

Kate Hall said...

oh my god. i forgot the vomit.
and no, i do not want to know about the deviant behavior of others... no.

Owen A said...

seriously? it would seem that vomit is most often a very memorable occurrence- if not one that we want to memorialize- it is definitely upsetting of the notion that we are not as our jellyfish ancestors with an in-and-then-out-again cycle of ingesting and divesting.