Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abiding as word choice

ABIDING. wonderful word. wonder if it exists? for me or for others ? wonder-full word though.
imperishable truths

how do i love thee? whilst the screach from below echoes through the rooms? let me count the ways. . .

i wish i could keep it up and stun you with some sort of wit and shakespeare. but i really can't . the boys are in the second hour of their group nap and i am literally stunned into inaction. I made a pot of fresh coffee and read a bad book from the library and refused to do any pick-up/dishwash or laundry. screw that. I am stunned.

and abiding.

Also, I think I am so tired of waiting for everyone to get sick. without wishing universal action on that statement. I have been on high alert since the beginning of October and what with homeopathy, extra shirts, excess of orange juice, gummybear vitamins and vitamin D pills, the kids are just not sick yet. ! CHIRPY, this mama is, i know, CHIRPY.

wanted to show off about how old I looked with all the makeup from the photoshoot.... see why my ego was not in fact bolstered?! holy . . .

fake eyelashes were cool though. wish i could've had fake non-nursing boobs too. really, like two bags of down... shite.
yet, my husband still loves them. what the hell is that about ? talk about chirpy.

the posting every day thing is making my internal dialogue sound sort of similar to my writing -- is this how it goes? madness seeps in slowly, in full view of the distant strangers whilst my children and husband are the last to know?

although, really, i highly doubt that last bit.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Glad you're still posting every day. It's nice knowing there's another person out there suffering as I am. I think two healthy boys is a great feat (and so are the eyelashes). Congratulations!

Athena said...

i think you look pretty.

Nancy said...

hmmm...I think maybe the madness is pressed in by the husband and children whilst the distant strangers are the last ones to know..because that's the way we want it to be. Right? Right.