Sunday, November 15, 2009

serving up eggs

I was the egg server Saturday morning at the pancake breakfast for my son's school. I love doing it, its my second year and I have a great deal of fun teasing and cajoling the folks who want to eat my wares. really, i do. I am alone, with adults and food... its not bad. But this year, after 3 hours, the din was trying to kill me. Sometimes my ears and eyes (lipreader extraordinaire) literally hurt from all the concentration it takes to figure out what is going on, being said.
My hearing lately has been really bothering me... my lack of it playing a larger than average role in what I feel is an overwhelmingly awkward woman/mother person. In general, people are very generous and don't mind repeating things to me but it is all the off the cuff-ness, the riff and raff that I miss... so I often miss the actual personalities in the people around me.
I have a 23 month old boy who does not do very much talking, still preferring 'eehn, ehn, un...' type stuff. My older son was also late to talk well but had done it before this point. The young one does say mommy and daddy and 'duck' and truck and dog and so on but it is sort of worrisome and I need to have his ears checked and his lead levels re-checked. But every time we are away somewhere, other people hear him say a bunch of words that I have never heard him say. like a full 'apple'. I've heard 'app', which sounds like 'up' and 'help'... but never app-le.
I hate that my hearing crap is causing me this anxiety and may be affecting how well I can communicate with this boy baby who is lightning quick, entering his twos.
I've been telling myself and everyone else that I'm going to wait until he's the full 24 mos. before I seriously worry because I have a gdammned degree in early childhood and I know thats the end of the average range for speech acquisition... but jesus. what if its because his mom can't communicate with him? how much am I missing? so.