Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Disney,

Please, I want you to consider what is happening to the little girls and boys of the world under your watch. I want you to look at the shows you are making and the characters you are creating with a more analytical eye. For boys, nothing but jokes and slapstick, no heroes at all. And I am not talking repetitious remakes of cartoonish heroes of yesterday, I'm talking idols, people to look to as walking 'dads'... heroes... working, loving, laughing, crying, playing, teasing, all of it. For girls, I want to point directly at the hannah thing. What is happening on that show is also happening or has happened to the girls you have hired to play these characters. They are so split into two by the belief that 'good girl' and 'REAL' girl are separate things, that they completely fall apart when they hit their own lives with the joining... does that make sense? Its the dichotomy that is killing them, cracking them up... and if its wrecking the actresses? what about the audience? why can't the two be joined? Don't you understand that women/girls ARE both, and at the Same time? Please can you get me more Topanga? a curvy smart sexy girl? or Winnie? the pretty tomboy girl? Maybe some more WonderYears boys? Could you please get Walt back and talk to him through the clouds... I think he'll know what I'm saying.
Thank you,



this new place said...

I have slowly been weaning my kids off Hannah Montana, but also figure it is better than letting them watch Sponge Bob.